What makes Engino different from other building toys?
Engino was founded on a mission to make teaching and learning core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills as intuitive, creative and fun as possible. To make that vision a reality, we had to create an educational toy that does more than any other STEM toy.
Engino’s patented snap-fit connectivity and multi-directional pivots allow young learners to build in any direction they want from up to 6 sides simultaneously.
We’re the only STEM toy that uses extendable rods, which means young learners can easily convert 2D structures into 3D designs, make triangles, or change the height or width of their constructions just by extending or shortening their rods.
Every Engino part is compatible with every other Engino part, so when children are done building their models, sets can be combined for hours of creative freestyle play.
Our revolutionary interactive 3D building app - the only app of its kind on the market—lets young engineers build and take apart their models in virtual reality.
Snappable parts take traditional stacking to the next level, giving growing hands a comfortable building tool, while boosting hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking.

    What will children get out of Engino?
    Children who play with Engino STEM toys and building sets learn critical thinking and developmental skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of intellectual discovery.
    Engino’s STEM and STEAM building sets are designed to boost spatial thinking, hand-eye coordination and creativity from the age of 2 and up.
    Building with Engino science toys means young learners are working together in groups to find solutions to real-world problems and learning how to delegate responsibilities to execute complex projects.
    Engino is based on an enquiry-based learning philosophy, where children are encouraged to fill the gaps in their knowledge by applying theory, which turns them into creative problem solvers.
    When young learners progress through the Engino Learning System, they not only become better thinkers and problem-solvers they learn how to think creatively. Engino Kids are truly ready to be tomorrow’s global innovators.

    What makes the Engino Learning System special?
    Starting with the early tactile experiences of building 3D structures by hand and reaching the highest levels of creative problem solving in the sciences, Engino is a complete STEM learning system that can be used at home or in the classroom
    Whether you’re a parent or an educator, when you give your children an Engino science toy, you’re giving them a deep dive into the world of STEM discovery that covers everything from history and fun facts to design, experimentation and theory.
    If you’re an educator, you can read more about integrating Engino into your classroom with ready-made, easy-to-teach lesson plans here.
    Parents can explore the Engino Learning System for home play here.

    What’s the right age to start playing with Engino?
    Children can start experimenting with Engino as soon as they have the hand-eye coordination to snap together our blocks. We have  starter sets designed for kids ages 2-6 . As young learners’ skills and curiosity grow, we have a kit for every step along the way. Check out our complete range of science toys here.

    Are Engino science toys safe?
    We take children’s safety very seriously. Every year, Engino products are  tested rigorously by independent laboratories  to ensure they meet all safety standards for toys, including EN71, EN62115 and PAHs for Europe, and ASTMF963-11 and CPSIA for the USA.
    Are Engino products eco-friendly?
    Like all scientists, the engineers at Engino are passionate about a green future, and about making products that promote environmental awareness. All our parts can be recycled and our battery-free solar products are completely powered by solar panels. Our award-winning  Eco Builds  series combines sustainable beech wood and recyclable plastic parts.

    Are all Engino products compatible with each other?
    Yes! This is one of the reasons that parents, teachers and kids love our products. Engino uses the  same library of durable, high-quality parts for all its product lines , so children can combine sets to build larger structures or enjoy hours of freestyle creative play when they’re done building all the models in their kits. The sky is truly the limit.

    Are Engino products compatible with other products on the market??
    Engino is a completely new way of building with its own learning system and philosophy, so our parts won’t work with any other products.

    How many models can I build with my Engino sets?
    This is where Engino stands apart. Each of our home sets comes with instructions to make  at least 3 different models . With our classroom sets, you can build a  minimum of 50 models . You’ll always find full-color printed instructions for our basic models in the booklet that comes with your kit. But you can also find instructions to build additional models on our website. These extra online instructions can be downloaded for free in our eShop.

    Need a hand building? Download our interactive 3D building app! You’ll be amazed how fun and easy it is to build in virtual reality.

    Can I order replacement parts or manuals, if I lose mine??
    If something gets lost, you can buy spare parts, instructions, and books by visiting our  eShop or by contacting us.

    I can't order the Engino science toy I want.
    If you’re having trouble ordering an Engino product online, it may be because it’s out of stock in your country. To request a specific product, please contact an Engino expert.

    I’m looking for a store that sells Engino science toys. Where can I find a store in my area?
    You can find our learning toys in stores in over 57 countries. To find a store that carries Engino science toys in your area, contact your local distributor. Here’s a list. If you still have a question, we’d be happy to help.

    Is there a warranty on Engino products?
    All our parts come with a  basic 3-year warranty . Our motors come with a 1-year warranty. As long as they’ve been used properly, defective or damaged Engino parts will be replaced free of charge within those time periods.

    Where are Engino STEM toys made?
    Engino STEM toys are proudly made in the European Union, on the island of Cyprus, in our own fully automated factory (TUV certified for ISO9001). We have regular inspections and are quality controlled under the BS6001-3 and ISO 2859-3 standards.

    Is Engino a classroom solution?
    Engino is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box STEM and STEAM educational solution with ready-made, easy-to-teach lesson plans that require very little prep time. Combined with our fun classroom experiments, easy-to-master theory, and our own user-friendly robotics software, hardware and interactive 3D builder, it’s easy to see why Engino science toys are the preferred STEM science toy for many primary and secondary schools throughout the world, including schools in the UK, USA, Brazil, Israel, Norway and Cyprus. To learn more about how you can use Engino in your classroom, click  here, or talk to an Engino expert today.

    Does Engino cover subjects taught in school?
    The Engino development team is dedicated to making science toys that can be used to teach core STEM principles in actual classrooms. Our teaching and learning approach is both interdisciplinary and technology-focused.
    Our lesson plans are designed and written to meet core curriculum needs and cover a broad range of subjects, including mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, biology, renewable energy, and more. Core physics concepts, like forces and motion, are also covered by our lessons through hands-on experiments and enquiry-based learning.
    To learn more about our educational philosophy and how you can integrate Engino into your classroom, visit our education site

    Where can I find my online resources?
    You can download instructions to build even more models on our website. Just visit the product page for the model kit you’re building. We also recommend you download our amazing   3D builder app , which works great on desktops, iPhones and Android devices, and will help you build your models even faster in virtual reality.
    If you’re a teacher looking for lesson plans, software or any other educational resources, you can find all our teaching material, including our full curricula,   here.

    Can I upload my own ideas, creations and activities to share with others?
    Absolutely! In fact, we’d love to know what you’ve been doing with our science toys. Our new site will have a page dedicated to user stories. For now, you can share your projects with us by visiting our  Facebook page , by uploading a video directly to YouTube with the hashtag #Engino or #PlayToInvent, or simply by taking some photos of your Engino creations and emailing them to us.

    Has Engino won any awards?
    We have and we are really proud of them. Engino has received awards from all over the world for its product innovations. Here are a few: Best Green Product and Best Educational Toy from Dr. Toy (US), Most Innovative Toy from Toy Russia, and Best Creative Fun from Tillywig. Engino has also been awarded best Small-Medium Business by the European Commission, the Innovation Award from the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, and most recently the Teach Early Years Award (2019) for our Academy of STEAM Junior vehicles set.

    Does Engino hold any patents and other intellectual property?
    Yes, we do. We’re proud to hold several patents and registered designs (US D612,435S, CY2490, CY2532, 201320231425.4, US11/307,229), 17 industrial designs 000675061-0001 to 17, along with the trademark registrations EU 006698161 and USA 3516245.